Monday, April 7, 2014

Thing 10. Instagram

OK.  I've finally jumped on board with this one.  A lot of my fb friends are using it, so I thought I should see what it's about.  I still haven't figured out what makes Instragram such a big deal, though.  If I can take pictures directly from fb and post them, why do I need a third-party app to do that?  If instagram is like fb for picture-takers, then how is it different from Pinterest?  I guess I'll have to spend some more time playing with this to find out!

...1/2 hour later.... I've figured out how to search through hashtags now, but I'm still leaning toward liking Pinterest better than instagram.  In Pinterest, you can follow someone's board, and that is hopefully going to be limited to a particular subject.  When you follow in Instragram, you follow the person posting the picture, and it may be that person only posts a few pictures that you're actually interested in.  Makes me feel more like a creeper to just randomly follow a stranger and see everything they post versus following a subject specific board....

Thing 9. Color Splurge

I used a lot of Photoshop when I made that series of Read posters back in WI.  So I have to admit that I'm a bit spoiled.  This Color Splurge app is OK for quick "fast-and-dirty" color changes to photos, but it doesn't have as many features as I would like.  The re-color feature is especially limited.

The app itself turned off 3 times in the middle of my explorations and the persistent ads are very distracting.  It's not an app that I will keep.  Since PR for my current library is done centrally, I also have very little need for an app like this.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Extra, extra....

Try out the free version pf tinyscan and see for yourself if it takes better document pictures than just using your ipad or iphone camera. Maybe we don't need to offer scanning machines at libraries after all...  (Thanks for the tip Andy.)

Thing 8. Buffer

I am not very intersted in this batch of things because I don't really have a lot of social media accounts.  I was going to play with Buffer because being able to create several posts and schedule when they appear on various sites makes a lot of sense to me if I were still the social media manager for my library, which I'm not.  So... As a personal tool, Buffer (and similiar multi-platform managers) doesn't really apply to my lifestyle.  As a possible professional tool, I think it might be very useful, but I couldn't find it in the App store, so I'm just going to pass on this Thing.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Thing 7. Pinterest and Bitly

I have had a Pinterest account for a few years now.  I enjoy it for browsing pictures in a thematic manner.  I use it both personaly and professionally.  Personally for my interests in weaving, knitting and other art topics.

I don't use it as often professionally, but it is good for gathering furniture ideas, as well as teen and children's craft ideas for programming.

Bitly sounds like an interesting app, but I have to say that I feel like I've been there, done that, with that sort of web-based storing of bookmarks.  When was alive, I had a huge collection of bookmarks that I posted on my library's website.  I was left empty handed when they closed it down, so I don't feel like I care to start up another collection like that again.  I'm not sure it's worth my time.

Thing 6. CloudOn

I have to say this app did not last long on my ipad.  There were several things I didn't like about it from the get-go:  I didn't like tht it required me to cross over and open another account before I could use it; I didn't like that it offered paid upgrades in an interfering fashion (i.e., I couldn't just ignore the pop up and get on with my business)...  I was willing to appreciate the tour of the program, but when I realized that the app requires a constant internet connection, that was the death knell for me.

I have Comcast, and there's no such thing as a continuous internet connection in my house.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Thing 5.5. Remember the Milk

I decided to try this out, too.  Partly because I like the logo!  I was beginning to think that springpad might suck up too much of my time what with its ability to scan the internet and clip things to notebooks.  Pinterest keeps me distracted enough;  I'm finding that I spend less time these days sewing or knitting and more time surfing the net.  Not sure that's a good thing :/

But I have been looking for a fast and simple note app.  I was content with the ipad's notepad until they upgraded it and took the lines away.  Now those notes are just a jumble all over a blank white screen and I just don't like it as well.  It has no character or warmth.  I tend to write lots of little notes on scrap paper left all over my desk.  Maybe Milk is a simple enough interface that I will get in the habit of using it instead of making my scrap piles. I like that the lists are easy to make and easy to pitch and have an immediacy to them that isn't pretentious.  Just jot it down and move on.  Will try to work with both Milk and springpad for a few weeks to see which I tend to favor for work.